Call for Abstracts: Citizen Assemblies in times of crisis

Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research invites researchers to submit their papers for the special issue Citizens Assemblies in times of crisis.

Citizens‘ assemblies and other sortition-based participation methods are trending around the world. As a means to involve citizens directly in political decision-making, the method of citizens’ assemblies has been applied in a broad variety of thematic fields, political settings, and geographical contexts. But can citizens’ assemblies also contribute to problem-solving in the event of a crisis?

The method became well-known in particular through two examples in Ireland, where citizens‘ councils were used in a situation of political stagnation: The parliament could not find a majority solution to reform abortion law or answer the question of same-sex marriage. With the help of citizens assemblies recommendations to solve the question at stake were developed and published. Based on these recommendations, referendums were held with a majority of the Irish population following the suggestions of the citizens’ assembly.

The character of crises can be extremely diverse. What crises have in common is that they put a system under shock and demand a strong political response and a substantial change, which often affects social life. Looking at some recent examples, we would like to discuss: Can citizens assemblies help to find political answers to crises and facilitate social change?

Abstract & Paper Submission Process

  • Abstract submission: June 30, 2022
    • Abstracts of max. 350 words (references excluded) should summarize an argument addressing the above questions and concepts.
  • Invitation to submit a full paper: July 2022
  • Full paper due: September 30, 2022
  • Special issue in print: expected Autumn 2023

Please send the abstract to the responsible editors of the Special Issue:

Authors must comply with the Taylor & Francis editorial guidelines for research papers:*MTY1MzI4ODQ1NS44LjAuMTY1MzI4ODQ1NS4w#preparing-your-paper

The guidelines will be strictly enforced, starting from the initial evaluation of whether the submission warrants external review.

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