The European Journal of Social Science Research


The European Journal of
Social Science Research

European integration, globalization and new nationalism,
migration and digitalization pose fundamental challenges for policy,
politics, citizenship, culture and democracy.
Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research
provides a unique forum for discussing these processes.
It welcomes articles on all aspects of European developments that
contribute to the improvement of social science
knowledge and to the setting of a policy-focused
European research agenda.

Last week, the editorial team of Innovation – The European Journal of Social Science Research met in Vienna to welcome two new team members and discuss the future of the journal. Valentina Vava – newly appointed assistant professor at the University of Venice – and Saša Božić – professor at the department of sociology, University...
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Innovation: The European Journal
of Social Science
publishes a selection of diverse special issues.

20th anniversary of the
Bologna Process:
Europeanization through
Soft Governance (32/4)
Guest Editors: Christiane Dienel

Find all our Volumes and Special
Issues of the past 20 years here.

The Editorial Team:


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What members of our International Advisory Board say about Innovation:

Why I support Innovation and its editing? It is simply because I like the profile that it has developed over the years and the way the team works.

Prof. em. Adalbert Evers
Senior Fellow, Centre for Social Investment (CSI), Heidelberg University, Germany

I can say only one thing about Innovation having followed the development, and growth, of the journal over the last twenty years: the journal takes risks where others play is safe by publishing social science research that is interesting, exciting and pushes the boundaries of our understanding.

Prof. Maria Nedeva
Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, University of Manchester, UK

It is great to work with the editors of Innovation. They are very committed, genuinely concerned for the quality of work and easy to communicate with. They are always looking for the opportunities to further improve the quality of the journal and its services.

Prof. Saša Božić
Department of Sociology, University of Zadar, Croatia

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