New Special Issue about Cultural Industries in Europe!

Our new Special Issue „Enhancing the Cultural Industries in Europe“ with a focus on the European film industry is published online!

The topic is especially relevant right now, as cultural institutions and the film industry are heavily affected by the effects of the current pandemic.

Guest editors are Jimmyn Parc from the Seoul National University and Sciences Po Paris and Patrick Messerlin from Sciences Po Paris.
In their editorial „When protectionism does not protect you anymore! How to enhance the European film industry“ they give their take on how the Corona-pandemic reveals the problems the film industry in Europe is facing:

„It has long been the case that politicians and artists in Europe have demonized the Hollywood studios and their films believing that they are harmful to the region’s culture and its identity. But the unexpected global pandemic brought on by COVID-19 has created a completely new landscape for Europe’s cultural industries that no one has ever experienced before. A large number of films in Europe have not been able to be released at movie theaters due to strict public health measures implemented by each Member State; thus, revenues from exhibition have been significantly reduced. Among the many other issues, this health crisis has starkly revealed the critical importance of Hollywood blockbusters in the European film “eco-system” while also exposing the negative aspects of the EU’s cultural policies that have sought to “promote” the region’s films through two key aspects: availability and accessibility.“

Read the editorial with free access here:

Read the full issue here:

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