Special Issue „When emotions run high: Affective responses to crises in Europe“ is out!

Issue 1/2022 is out! The special issue tackles an important and timely topic and brings together seven articles on populism and the role of emotions in politics with a focus on Europe.

„This special issue of Innovation tackles the emotional economy of crises in Europe and attempts to link the affective world to institutional behaviour, policy decisions, and citizens’ perceptions. Emotions are often judged normatively as the ‘other of rationality’ (Demertzis 2013) or treated as a placeholder for something else, like identity, sensationalism or virality. Yet from a political psychology point of view, emotions have crucial functions that guide individuals while they navigate the socio-political world. […] The purpose of this special issue is to go beyond the classic exploration of emotions and to provide a bridge between affective phenomena and wider political developments. In addition, while analysing traditional emotional reactions of anger and fear, the contributions in this special issue shed light on less researched emotions such as shame, compassion, nostalgia, hope, pride, ressentiment and trust. To that extent, the special issue zooms into the role of crises as events that create a particular environment, under which decisions are framed, justified, and legitimised by emotions.“

From the Editorial of the Special issue. Verbalyte et al. (2022): When emotions run high: affective responses to crises in Europe. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research. 35(1): 1-13

Read the editorial and the whole issue here: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/ciej20/35/1?nav=tocList

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